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Currency Exchange

Whether you're taking a vacation, going on a business trip, looking for bulk currency trading, or need to pay for products or services in a specific currency, we offer a comprehensive international exchange service including buying and selling as well as market wholesale exchange.

Get the best market deal today and save time by calling us directly to place your order, or pop in to either our Dubai or Ras Al Khaimah branches to take advantage of our highly competitive rates.

Money Transfers

With almost two decades of experience in the industry, Day Exchange is a trusted market leader in international money transfer services. We are here to help facilitate remittances to your family and loved ones to anywhere in the world.

  • Day Exchange personalised money transfer service is a fast track telex transfer within our network of international agents
  • Transfers available to all destinations throughout the Middle East, GCC and Europe
  • Instant money transfer service with no processing delays
  • Highly competitive rates and charges
  • Speedy, simple and convenient transactions
  • Safe and reliable service
  • Transaction history printout available
  • Day Exchange loyalty card programme offering special discounts and additional services

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- Xpress Money

Recognized. As technology and trends change, we will continue to roll out services that will be simple, fast and safe and will deliver value all the way down to our customer. We believe that with this true focus on our customer and his need to ‘feel at home’, we will continue be accepted as a true member of their family.

A simple, fast and secure instant money transfer service with over 12 years experience, Xpress Money provides our customers with access to over 135,000 convenient locations around the world.

  • Renowned international money transfer company
  • Instant transaction facility, send and receive money in minutes
  • Ability to transfer to bank agents and non-bank agents
  • Operating in over five continents
  • Competitive charges and rates
  • SMS notification
  • Special offers for Day Exchange customers

 For more information, call Day Exchange on +971 4 2240203

- U Remit

Our money transfer facility enables you or your beneficiaries to receive your remittances anywhere in the world through the extensive network of our correspondent banks and selected agent’s worldwide and at the most competitive rates within hours in bank accounts and instant cash pickups.

We offer the following money transfer facilities:

  • Bank to Bank (Credit to Account)
  • Cash Over Counter
  • Door to Door Payment
  • M-Wallet

 For more information, call Day Exchange on +971 4 2240203

- Cebuana

Cebuana Lhuillier's Pera Padala service is an easy, quick, and safe way to send and receive money. With more than 1,800 branches nationwide and accredited international partners, this money transfer service is made available to clients within and outside the Philippines. All transactions are real time, which enables clients to claim the money as soon as the sender completes the sending process in the branch.

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BPI has long been a beacon of financial confidence. Get that same confidence when handling your finances with Day Exchange.

Following are the remittance services being offered by BPI:

  1. Credit to BPI and BPI Family bank account (Peso and Dollar account)
  2. Credit to Other bank account (Peso and Dollar account)
  3. Cash Pick-up to any BPI branches
  4. Cash Pick-up to accredited pick-up outlets, following are the accredited cash pick-up outlets of BPI
    1. Mlhullier
    2. Cebuana
    3. Palawan
    4. Bayad Center
    5. LBC

 For more information, call Day Exchange on +971 4 2240203

- iRemit

iRemit is committed to serving Filipinos everywhere in the world through its modern and efficient remittance facilities. iRemit ensures fast and accurate delivery to remitter’s beneficiaries in the Philippines. Its network continues to grow through its offices and partners in different parts of the globe such as Cebuana Lhuillier, M Lhuillier and many more...

  • Cash Pick up
  • Bank to Bank
  • Door To Door
  • Utility Payments
  • Jolibee
  • Bank Account opening
  • SSS, Pag ibig and Phil Health
  • Real Estate payments
  • Others

 For more information, call Day Exchange on +971 4 2240203

Bank transfers

We know that financial transaction security is a key priority for our customers, whether it's for a local or international account deposit across a range of global currencies. Over the last 17 years we have developed solid relationships with leading local and international banks to guarantee the best and most reliable service for our clients. We can arrange the following:

  • Money transfer directly to your bank account(s)
  • Transfer of funds to banks in the UAE and overseas
  • Access to our global network alliance of international banks
  • SWIFT bank account transfers
  • Account transfers accepted across all recognised international trading currencies

 For more information, call Day Exchange on +971 4 2240203

Cash Withdrawal

If you suddenly find yourself without cash, Day Exchange is here to help. Whether you didn't have time to go to the bank, forgot your pin number or the nearest ATM is out of order, we have an immediate solution.

  • All major credit cards accepted
  • Cash paid out on the spot
  • Guaranteed speedy transaction
  • Safe and reliable service

 For more information, call Day Exchange on +971 4 2240203